Friday, October 27, 2006

It is easier...

in our society to be naked physically than to be naked psychologically or spiritually--easier to share our body than to share our fantasies, hopes, fears, and aspirations, which are felt to be more personal and the sharing of which is experienced as making us more vulnerable. --Rollo May
It's heading into that really busy part of the semester, so I'll probably be posting here a lot less until Christmas Break. I'm doing a teaching overload. I'm also preparing for a seminar I'll be teaching next semester called "From Angst to Art." It's about writing and healing. The quote above, by Rollo May, will figure prominently in the syllabus.

I've been visiting your journals. Some of you are sick, some are well, and all of you are busy.


Anonymous said...

Love the quote, how true, too. And yet for me, it is the other way around. Is that why I read? Why I write? Want to be a writer? I would much rather share my feelings, hopes, dreams, beliefs, and be naked that way. And certainly before becoming intimate physically. Besides, I want a circle of intimate friends that has nothing to do with physical, sexual intimacy. I don't want to get physically naked with a whole lot of people! One is enough, if he is the right one. Teagrapple.

Tom said...


Yes, it's getting on toward the busy part of the semester. I'm studying a lot and missing my journal friends. I will soon return. That's a great quote, btw, and all so true. I take off my spiritual clothing when I write. It can be quite liberating.

I'll e-mail you when I start posting again. Best wishes to you and yours in the meantime.

Have a great semester.


Ron Southern said...

What a great head of hair; you'll never be naked!

beths front porch said...

Can I take the seminar? Or at least get a copy of the syllabus?

ckays1967 said...

Sometimes it makes me sad that I can't take your classes...

From Angst to Art

Wow, yes I'd like to do that one please.

TiAnKa said...


I was with a friend recently who voiced his objection to people bearing their souls at My Space, Blogs etc. He said that he couldn't understand why someone would want the whole world to know what happens in their private lives. I listened to him speak his mind, then thought about my daughter, you, and so many others in this cyber world that do bare their souls at their journals.

Though I had much to say to him in our defense, I opted to do no more than smile for he is one of those myopic people that will never understand the value of sharing or expressing his faantasies, hopes, fears or aspirations.

He is a perfect example of Rollo May's excellent quote. Thank you for posting his thoughts.

Have a great end of the semester! Know that we will still be here waiting for those moments when you are able to write.



Vicky said...

Rollo May was a regular at Esalen, I believe, where people take their clothes off with great regularity and not a whit of embarrassment. I think he was onto something. Except that at Esalen, it is oh so easy to be naked emotionally, psychically, and spiritually.

Sounds like such a rich class, Theresa. Good luck in your encouragement of your students to be bold.


Paula said...

You're teaching Writing As Healing and didn't tell me?

We ought to be sharing syllabi...I just did my Winter Wheat session today discussing the role of audience in the writing/healing process. Went really well--well recieved.



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