Saturday, February 24, 2007

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)

Teagrapple shared this with me several weeks ago. Thank you, Teagrapple.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poetry fanatic

Click on the word "poet fan" to find out more about being a poetry fanatic: POET FAN

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poetfan #202

Are you a poet fan?

Poetfan #392

Are you a poet fan?

Friday, February 16, 2007


For the 5,000 year old lovers unearthed in VALDARO, Italy:

by Emily Dickinson

'T was a long parting, but the time
For interview had come;
Before the judgment-seat of God,
The last and second time

These fleshless lovers met,
A heaven in a gaze,
A heaven of heavens, the privilege
Of one another's eyes.

No lifetime set on them,
Apparelled as the new
Unborn, except they had beheld,
Born everlasting now.

Was bridal e'er like this?
A paradise, the host,
And cherubim and seraphim
The most familiar guest.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I saw these questions on Cynthia's blog and thought they looked like fun. My situation is maybe different from some because I'm a teacher and have shown certain movies multiple times in my classes over a period of years:

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than ten times.
The Way West, directed by Ric Burns.
Thelma & Louise
Hearts and Minds
Regret to Inform
On and Off the Rez
2. Name a movie that you've seen multiple times in the theater.
Tombstone (twice)
3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie.
Johnny Depp, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Ed Harris
4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie.
Jim Carrey, Robin Williams
5. Name a movie that you can and do quote from.
Thelma and Louise: "You get what you settle for."
6. Name a movie musical that you know all of the lyrics to all of the songs.
7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.
8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.
12 Angry Men, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops.
11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in? If so, what?
12. Ever made out in a movie?
Patton! :-)
13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven't yet gotten around to it.
Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast
14. Ever walked out of a movie?
No, but I wanted to walk out of that Star Wars movie, the first one they came out with after the great trilogy. Boring! But I didn't want to disappoint my children.
15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.
Several. Such as What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Magnolia, Narnia, Pan's Labyrinth
16. Popcorn?
I love popcorn, but it is too expensive in the theater.
17. How often do go to the movies (as opposed to renting them or watching them at home)?
Maybe five times a year.
18. What's the last movie you saw in the theater?
Pan's Labyrinth.
19. What's your favorite/preferred genre of movie?
20. What's the first movie you remember seeing in the theater? An Elvis movie I went to with my mother.
21. What movie do you wish you had never seen?
That Star Wars movie.
22. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?
Wild at Heart
23. What is the scariest movie you've seen?
Any of the old Dracula movies. The original version of The Shining.
24. What is the funniest movie you've seen?
National Lampoon's Vacation (the one to Wally World)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Snow Day

Top Photo: The VW sits in a cradle of snow.
Middle Photo: Rock wall, fallen limb.
Bottom photo: Big foot at the opening of the shop door. Allen had to dig out from around the door; all the cats were trapped inside!

BGSU shuts down another day for snow. This is unprecedented! The sun is out today, snow is piled high in drifts, old limbs are down, snapped by the wind.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

Top photo: Our blackberry orchard

Bottom Photo: Our snowy field

Because this is snow country, BGSU rarely cancels classes because of weather. I've been at BGSU since 1987 and I can remember classes being canceled only twice, and that was just the evening classes. Today classes are canceled all day because of snow and wind. All told, they say we should be getting 8 to 10 inches of snow. But biggest factor is the wind. The blowing snow makes driving conditions near-impossible. Just a few minutes ago, I asked Allen to step outside and take some pictures of our yard. The storm is just getting cranked up. More photos to follow...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside.

Photo: Our house.
I lived in the South until I was 30. When I lived there, I thought icicles were those silver things people put on Christmas trees.

Monday, February 05, 2007

How Cold Is It?

That is frost on the inside of the window in my computer room.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Things Keep Coming Together

Photo: Unknown artist. I like using it to depict my writing life.

For a while, I had a separate blog for teaching. I couldn't reconcile my teaching life with my creative life. I felt I was stuck. Happily, the two parts of my life have come together now. Over the summer, I requested to be switched permanently to the English Department. My request fell on sympathetic ears. What this means is that beginning in the Fall of 2007, I will be teaching literature and creative writing classes exclusively (women's studies occasionally), no freshman composition. This semester things are better already; I'm only teaching one composition section, and there are only nine students. They are a sweet group.

For the last three years, I have been studying poetry. I have been reading autobiographies, biographies, and criticism. As it turns out, this was a very good thing, because one of my first new assignments in my new role as an English Lecturer will be to teach a course on Modern Poetry. All said, the Modern movement in poetry covers a time frame of about eighty years. The precursors are Whitman and Dickinson and the movement ends just after WWII. So this would include Eliot, Pound, Millay, Lorca, Auden, and so forth. So things have come together for me once more. A personal interest has ended up being professional preparation. I still need to do a lot more reading and preparation, of course, but I look forward to it! Something I've been wanting to do for a long time is to study Eliot's "The Waste Land" more closely. Now I have a very good excuse for doing that.

This week in the Angst to Art Seminar, we talked about Lorca's essay on the Duende. The students also submitted their Confessional Postcards, all of which were deeply moving. One nearly moved me to tears. The students are starting to warm up to each other. This is good because in April they will be sharing a personal story about some kind of angst they have experienced.

I will write more about all of this later; right now, I have much grading and preparations to do for next week.

By the way: it is cold outside! We are supposed to get down below zero tonight.



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