Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside.

Photo: Our house.
I lived in the South until I was 30. When I lived there, I thought icicles were those silver things people put on Christmas trees.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture. How neat that you thought icicles were the same as tinsel. It is impossible to know some things without experiencing them. Teagrapple

Cynthia said...

The picture wouldn't open for me, but I got so tickled at the icicle comment. Somewhere buried in the family albums is a picture of my sister and me holding up icicles that were longer than we were tall. I think I was about four, and that is the only real memory of icicles I have.

TiAnKa said...

Oh My Theresa, it looks so cold there! Your photograph reminds me of growing up in Denver where each year icicles formed around our house just like they do on yours.

Stay warm,


beths front porch said...

I wonder how they will sound as they fall - or melt.

ggw07 said...

Love icicles- Remember childhood in New Hampshire- Still go icicle hunting on drives here-
Keep warm-

emmapeelDallas said...

I was almost widowed when I'd been married less than 2 weeks, because A & I lived in Chicago, in a 2-story coachhouse built just after the Chicago fire, and we used to get a 2-story icicle off the roof. A went out and snapped it off, worried about our 4 year old neighbor, but the icicle broke in pieces and hit A on the head and knocked him out. He had to have stitches, too. Ah, The Icicle Saga! :)



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