Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hurry, hurry

Well, I had to scrap the website I had been working on for so long. I started building the new one. Hurry, hurry, if you want to see it, because I know I'll do something soon to screw it up. It has an excerpt from "Trash" on it.

I'll keep working on the site. Hopefully I won't have to scrap this one.

Click >here< to go to the site.


Cynthia said...

The web site is looking good.

Theresa Williams said...

Thanks, Cyn. The other one had lots more--teaching stuff, more excerpts, etc, a blog for announcements, a guestbook. I will probably not be able to add anymore to it now until the holidays. Thanks for taking a peek. Can you think of anything else I could add that would be interesting? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

The website is nice. I like the blue trim and the black-and-white photo. Perhaps add a page about your teaching? Also, on the Secret of Hurricanes, it seems as though you've accidentally left out a name. See "against 's defaced" "this tie to if" and "could've saved ,". Overall, a great website. Is it pricey? Teagrapple

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