Thursday, January 03, 2008


This is 1/50 of the posts I have vowed to produce in 2008.

These are some photos of the latest snow. I looked out the door and noticed the snow on our old wood heater. We used this old Ben Franklin for about four years, until it got a bad crack in the back of it. The two bricks served as our way of securing the doors. We've had our new Jotul two years and are loving it. It is much more safe, clean, and efficient than the Ben Franklin. I thought the Ben Franklin looked both beautiful and sad this way. The snow-covered stove is characteristic of the kinds of things I've noticed since very small. I've always been drawn to images of impermanence.

As a transplanted Southerner, I still am in awe of snow. The other photo is simply a snap shot of our back yard. The snow covered dog pen has a similar feel for me as the snowy stove. I look at it and think of spring and summer when Buddha and Sweet Pea are running in the pen. The snowy pen makes me think of a great sigh amidst the flow of human and animal activity.


Erin said...

Winter is such a fantastic time to witness pauses in life. (Love your "great sigh amidst the flow of human and animal activity.")

It's interesting to me that Phoebe the dog is in opposition to this and always seems much MORE alive during the wintertime. Especially snow makes her go crazy with excitement and thrill. She loves to bound in it. She loves to kick it up with her nose so it comes back down on her head. In the summertime, she overheats and tires easily. In the winter, her energy is to contain.

ggw07 said...

Love the snow topped stove.



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