Friday, March 07, 2008


Another big snowstorm is on its way, Mojo.

On Tuesday night, Allen and I went to Toledo to see The Lion King. The play didn't start until eight p.m., and by mid-afternoon, it was sleeting. The sleet completely covered our windows on one side of the house. We also had to vote in the primary, so we left the house a little after five.

I don't know when I have seen the road conditions so bad. It continued to sleet well into the evening.

We did make it to the play safely. What an amazing experience. I will always remember the man sitting in front of us. He was probably about sixty. He was enthralled as a child becomes enthralled, his hands up to his face, silently clapping.

The tickets were expensive for us, but they were worth every penny.

After the play, we went to the only place we could find open, a bar named Frickers. We ate big fat hamburgers and drank cold beer. I wept because the play was just so beautiful, just so beautiful.

We didn't leave the bar until after two a.m. By then it was snowing. The roads were completely covered. Hardly anyone was out and about. It was like the whole world was asleep or that almost everyone else in the world had vanished. There were no snow crews scraping the roads.

We arrived home and then got stuck in our own driveway.


emmapeelDallas said...

What a wonderful evening you had! And when you write about bringing in plenty of wood, I am taken back in time to my grandma's house in Wisconsin in the 1950's. Her house was heated with wood, and how I loved the scent of it!

ggw07 said...

I really do believe that if you don't challenge yourself and risk failing, that it's not interesting.
Julie Taymor, director of The Lion King, first woman to receive a Tony Award for directing a musical

Glad you enjoyed the show and had a great evening adventure.



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