Thursday, July 31, 2008

Provincetown 32

Gretchen's previous comment asking me to share from the new writing...ah, you are a tricky one, little Gretchen, my little trickster friend. No, I shan't be sharing. Here at FAWC, I shared in the spirit of flying something new. Something magical in sharing that vulnerability here, where everyone is willing to be vulnerable. Beautiful experience. I will say the feedback has been very positive, very.

Had trouble sleeping after the reading. I wandered the apartment aimlessly for a while, read a while, then took a walk and mailed some things at the PO. It was a little quiet for a Wednesday night. Came back, still couldn't sleep. Tried to sleep. Read. Finally at six a.m. I dressed and walked into town. I sat down to my first breakfast since I've been here at the Portuguese Bakery, two eggs, sunny-side-up, sausage, and bread. Walked back and tried to sleep. Couldn't. Read. Tried again, and then, finally, a wonderful, long dream-filled sleep. I dreamed Allen was looking at my painted toenails, wondering about the color, and so many more odd things did I dream. And it was lovely.


ggw07 said...

Glad to hear you're getting positive feedback!

ggw07 said...

"Many native traditions held clowns and tricksters as essential to any contact with the sacred. People could not pray until they had laughed, because laughter opens and frees from rigid preconception. Humans had to have tricksters within the most sacred ceremonies for fear that they forget the sacred comes through upset, reversal, surprise. The trickster in most native traditions is essential to creation, to birth"
So I accept the trickster role honorably.

Erin said...

Hi Theresa! I'm glad to hear that you were happy with your reading. It sounds like such an amazing place and experience. I also love a long, dream-filled sleep. The night before last, I could not sleep at all until 2 AM (I usually am asleep by 11 PM and get up early). I finally fell into a deep, deep sleep between 5:30 and 7:30 AM, and I dreamed my entire wedding reception, start to finish, full of dancing. I realized at the end of the dream that we had forgotten to do many things--eat, cut the cake, do our "first dance", etc. But we had had SO much fun, that it didn't even matter. The dream made me feel very at peace.

Theresa Williams said...

Indeed, I hold trickers in very high regard. My husband is one!



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