Sunday, September 21, 2008


I had a flying dream last night. I hadn't had one of those in a long while.

I think the dream was instigated by watching Peter and the Wolf on PBS last night. In the tale, a delightful little bird has trouble flying and Peter ties a helium balloon around its breast. The bird hopped, bounced, and sometimes soared. That is exactly what my flying dreams are like: I hop and bounce like I'm attached to a balloon that isn't quite large enough to get me off the ground. But after a few false starts, I soar. Sometimes I just float; other times, like in last night's dream, I hold my arms out like airplane wings.

In last night's dream, the air was filled with people flying.


emmapeelDallas said...

Oh, I miss my flying dreams! I used to have them every night, and they always started in the same way: I'd be running, and then leaping, and then gaining height until I was soaring...up, up, up into the sky, and away from the earth, which looked like a beautiful blue and white ball, far below me...

Judith HeartSong said...

ahhh flying dreams.... I have them all the time and think that I do travel in my dreams at night. Running and being caught by the wind.

I hope that all is well where you are my friend.

Libby said...

That short made me feel like flying, too. It astounded me, I moved through such a range of emotions so quickly.



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