Thursday, April 08, 2010

PAD 04/08/10

Day 8, poem a day challenge.  Prompt:  a tool


on the meditation practice

there are 108 beads with a summit
called a sumeru
that should keep you busy
for a long while
there are many online sources

to assist you on your path
choose your mala wisely
tulsi sandal rose rudraksh
ebony crystal navgraha
bodhiseed or lotus
each material has different properties
that affect the subconscious mind
why use a mala?

because the mind is a naughty child
jumping out of classroom windows
wandering off into the forest
beyond the playground
to get lost in the thick
of imagination
where live the wizards
princesses and kings
or wanting to throw a stick
for the loyal dog to fetch
or you might go to sleep

or be beset by fantasies
of espionage murder control
of never growing old
or failing the ones you love
move each bead in rhythm

with your breath
a mantra helps
unappropriate thoughts
are prevented by the action
upon the beads
what an accessory!

it's like a close friend
or those boots you
just can't throw away
because they know your feet
by heart
or like the shirt

the one you keep in the closet
because it still holds the smell
of your lover's body
count the beads
so you can forget all that

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

I'm sitting here, reading, humbled and joyful. Simply wow.



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