Monday, February 14, 2011

Goings On

I got up today to Valentine surprises. 

Allen had already been to town and bought the balloon (which I found floating up out of the bathtub), the flower, the onions (I love sweet onions--I can eat them like apples.  I've always, always loved onions.  When I was a baby, and my family was traveling across the country, my mother gave me green onions to suck on to keep me quiet.  Allen knows how much I love onions!)  He also brought two cream puffs, my favorite pastry, and he's going to cook my supper tonight. 

Such goings on.

In other news, I have two non-fiction pieces in an online magazine called Talking Writing.  You'll find them here: 
and here:
They've invited me to be a regular contributor.  It feels good to be writing essays again.  I love Talking Writing, since there's nothing I like talking about better than writing.  This magazine is all about "talking" writing, so leave a comment if you feel so moved. 
I had a short story published in September 2010 in The Sun. 
In April, I'll be flying to San Antonio.  I'll be on a creative panel there for the American Culture/Pop Culture conference, reading several of my haibun.  Go here:  if you want to read some of the haibun.   Or click on the Publications Page on this blog. 
Such goings on.


1 comment:

Judith HeartSong said...

What lovely gifts! When you get a yearning to cometo DC you will have to come and stay at my new studio!



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