Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moving to a New House

I snapped these photos today. I just couldn't resist. The lease ran out on our son's apartment and he doesn't move into his new place for three more days. So we brought his stuff here. The top photo shows what it all looked like as soon as Allen pulled up into the yard with our son's things. The bottom photo shows what happened about five minutes later. It sure doesn't take a cat long to find an open drawer.

The photo got me thinking about how many places I lived:

1-When I was born, six of us lived in a tiny eight wide trailer out in the desert of Southern California. I don't remember living here.
2-Next I lived in a ten wide trailer in NC. There were six of us, until my grandmother died when I was nine. I used to sleep with her, which was fun. I used to keep her awake asking all sorts of questions.
3-Then we moved into a brick house just across the street from where our trailer had been.
4-For a short time I lived with my elder brother. My mother and I moved in with him after my mother left my father. She went back to him and we lived in the brick house again.
5-When I got married, I lived in a one bedroom apartment in downtown Jacksonville, NC, right across from a shopping center.
6-Allen and I bought a cheap trailer and lived in this for many years.
7-I stayed in a small eight wide trailer with the children during the week while I took classes at East Carolina University.
8-Allen and I rented a brick house close to the University when I was working on my Master's in English.
9-Allen and I, plus our three sons moved into a two bedroom apartment in Bowling Green so I could get the MFA Degree.
10-We moved into a duplex apartment, a great old house with stained glass windows. We lived there 10 years!
11-Our present home, a 100 year old farmhouse.

I read somewhere that a house is often symbolic of the human body in fiction. I've never thought of moving days the same way since. How many places have you lived?


Nelle said...

I have lived in seven places. When we were little my Dad was in the Navy and we were often stationed with him but sometimes lived at my grandmother's instead. I moved so much and longed to stay in one place. When I had my second house I lived there over twenty years. It was so hard for me to sell but I had to financially when I got divorced. I am now in a little home that I adore. I am so comfy here that it would be hard to ever leave.

V said...

I love the Kitty pic! So true!

Boy, some of the moves and places you`ve lived remind me of a certain heroine.

I lived in seven places with my parents before marriage; two apartments and a home while married; four apartments since.

I`m checkin` the mail!


Anonymous said...

Give the cat a hug--she/he deserves it for being so cute. I'm guessing eight wide is eight feet wide, and ten wide is ten feet wide? Wow, that would be so hard for me, being claustrophobic. Moving is hard, too. I have not moved in twenty years, but as a child it was a new place every year for my dad's job transfers and job changes, until I turned eleven. Those early years were a blur of moving boxes, new schools, and faces I will never see again. Teagrapple.

emmapeelDallas said...

By the time I was beginning 4th grade, I'd lived in 8 different places, in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Then I lived in 8 different places in Chicago, over a period of 16 years. In 1983, I moved to Texas, and rented a house for a year before moving into this house, where I've lived for 22 years. No wonder I love it! But it's too big for me, so in the next year or so, I'll make the move to my 19th residence. Wow.

V said...

Once I was .......

Erin said...

Fabulous pictures! I also enjoyed reading about your journey through homes. You inspired me to do my own entry about the homes I've had throughout the years. Thank you!



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