Saturday, August 05, 2006


Photo from my high school edition of Edith Hamilton's Mythology.

I have partaken the heavenly food;
I have received the message from the place of perfection--
...I have found my deeper life

--Theodore Roethke, from his notebooks (published in book form under the title: Straw for the Fire.)

I'd like to thank those who commented on the last few blog entries here. In particular, I'd like to thank Beth, Christina, Gretchen, and Vince who pointed out things about the entries I hadn't noticed. Gretchen also often sends to me original poems that inspire me.

Your caring and astute comments led me to some important revelations and as a result I wrote 8 double spaced pages tonight about a subject I've been avoiding. In one of those magical moments, my recent and prolific reading, my experiences, and the bits and pieces I wrote in my blog came together to form something that I think makes some sense.

In my life I try to keep things in certain tidy piles. This blog is about the creative life, so I don't talk about my personal or family life unless it illustrates some aspect of creativity. I save all my turmoil, raw emotion, and all I need to come to terms with for my poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction writing, which may or may not get published. I don't deal with those things here because it saps my energy I need to create the works.

But to my surprise, the piles spread out and touched each other tonight, thanks to the efforts of good friends who care about the writing life.

Thank you!



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"I was no better than dust, yet you cannot replace me. . . Take the soft dust in your hand--does it stir: does it sing? Has it lips and a heart? Does it open its eyes to the sun? Does it run, does it dream, does it burn with a secret, or tremble In terror of death? Or ache with tremendous decisions?. . ." --Conrad Aiken


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Fave Painting: Eden

Fave Painting:  Eden

Fave Painting: The Three Ages of Man and Death

Fave Painting:  The Three Ages of Man and Death
by Albrecht Dürer

From the First Chapter

The Secret of Hurricanes : That article in the Waterville Scout said it was Shake- spearean, all that fatalism that guides the Kennedys' lives. The likelihood of untimely death. Recently, another one died in his prime, John-John in an airplane. Not long before that, Bobby's boy. While playing football at high speeds on snow skis. Those Kennedys take some crazy chances. I prefer my own easy ways. Which isn't to say my life hasn't been Shake-spearean. By the time I was sixteen, my life was like the darkened stage at the end of Hamlet or Macbeth. All littered with corpses and treachery.

My Original Artwork: Triptych

My Original Artwork:  Triptych



Little Deer

Little Deer



Looking Forward, Looking Back

Looking Forward, Looking Back