Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Provincetown 13

In response to Waterboy's question, I have read Tough Guys by Mailer, but not in a long time. I read it as part of my graduate study in 1988 or 1989! I don't remember anything but the sexy parts, unfortunately!

Today is my first day of being completely, entirely on my own. Allen, Buddha, and Sweet Pea left for Ohio at 1:30 in the morning. I couldn't sleep, so I finished a novel, took a nap, got up at 8:30 in the morning, wrote letters, showered, took another nap. It's been unseasonably warm here, so I just wrapped myself in a sari. Then I sat up in bed and wrote 800 words on the novel. I'm just heading out now to mail my letters and take a walk on the beach.

It's hard to describe my aloneness. Allen had been doing all sorts of errands for me, like getting me coffee and a treat in the morning. Today I had hot tea instead of coffee (I don't have the right kind of filters for the coffee maker FAWC has supplied me with). I put away the bowl and glass Allen has been using (FAWC supplies all dishes, pots, pans, and silverware). I have been missing him pretty bad. I wrote not one but two mushy letters to him today. That's what I'm getting ready to mail. Also a letter to our boys.

As I came out the door of my apartment, I heard a dog that sounded exactly like Sweet Pea.

Those of you who remember my first entries about Sweet Pea know that she is a rescued dog. She has never been friendly with people outside of our family. But so many people here in P-Town are dog-lovers and are so gentle around her that she really started to come around. To our great surprise, last night she allowed a young man from New Hampshire to pet her and she licked his hands and face!

I'm looking forward to the free days ahead to read, write, and think.

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