Sunday, June 22, 2008

Provincetown 19

It's going to rain today. It's cloudy and humid. I wanted to get in my daily walk before it starts, so I gathered a letter and post card and headed for the PO. I became so enthralled watching the people today that I walked right past the building (which is a huge brick building, hard to miss). I really MUST take my video camera one day and just film what's happening on a busy day on Commercial Street.

A Kennedy sound-alike was reciting poetry outside the Universalist Meeting House. Heretofore, I thought the New England accent was the Kennedy accent alone, so many male voices here sound like Jack, or Bobby, or Teddy to me. I certainly never thought I'd be on Cape Cod which, to me, is synonymous with the Kennedy clan.

Walking back to my apartment, I heard a woman, shopping bags in hand, tell her husband (I assume he was her husband because he was most familiarly rude) that she wasn't having any fun. He said something sarcastic that I couldn't make out. She seemed a mixture of frustration and sadness. She was near tears.

Yesterday, a man dressed as a woman (he looked like one of Carol Burnette's characters) was trying to ride a bicycle. His high heeled shoes kept slipping off the pedals, and he was saying, "It's like a bicycle, but it's not like a bicycle."

My walk over for today, I turned into the FAWC lot. From the house next to FAWC, I heard music: "We've got to move these refrigeratahs, we've got to move these color Tee Veeeeeees!"

Today I plan to make real progress on the manuscript. I'm up to 43 pages. The characters and situation are deepening nicely.

I saw on Facebook yesterday that a recent student of mine has just been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Whether you know Ryan or not, please think positive thoughts, create positive vibes. He's a terrific young man, and he's very positive about fighting the illness.

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