Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Haiku #180

Ants used to be giants
Ants were bigger than dinousaurs
Now, tiny, they are always with us


Ants used to be giants.
They were bigger than dinosaurs
& old T-Rex trembled
when ants marched.

Now ants are tiny.
They ride to work with us
in our clothes.
They fit in suitcases
& we bring them home.
They climb into our
toasters looking for bread
& at night they eat
our cookies and cakes.

When they were giants
they hid in dark forests
& caves. They were hunted
for carapace which
men used for armor
& women used for
letter openers, shoe
horns, buttons
& combs.

For a time ants were used
in farming. They pulled plows
until it was learned
they wouldn't walk
in straight lines.

Some say ants once had
human heads, like centaurs,
& reared upon hind legs
before the charge.
Some say ants had wings
& horns.
Some say they were wild
& learned both--
like us--
& fed on meat.

Now ants are always with us.
They will be here at the
end of the world, climbing
on the roses, sucking
honeysuckle stems
& clinging to our
own sweet bones.

1 comment:

Anne D'Amico said...

I really like this one :)



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