Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unfortunately, Theresa

The google your own name assignments are just way too much fun. This one asks you to type Unfortunately, (your name) and to take the first ten results (weed out the repeats). Here are mine:

1. Unfortunately, Theresa has waited for months to be adopted and has been passed over time and time again.

2. Unfortunately, Theresa was keeping one more big secret--she slept with...

3. Unfortunately, Theresa lost her way when she became part of the demanding world of retail management.

4. Unfortunately, Theresa had made some bad choices through the years and was eventually placed into a more restrictive facility.

5. Unfortunately, Theresa, of Blackheath, South East London, was already pregnant.

6. Unfortunately, Theresa didn't win the big showcase, but she got to spin the wheel AND we all envy the fact that she got to be this close to Bob!

7. Unfortunately, Theresa broke her foot and has been off work for a couple of months now. I miss her.

8. Unfortunately, Theresa did not meet with me on Friday, as we had planned.

9. Unfortunately Theresa is gonna have to be involved somehow.

10. Unfortunately, Theresa lives far away, so I can’t just call her up on a Friday night and ask her if she wants to have breakfast together.


ggw07 said...

This is a riot. Thanks~! Gretchen

emmapeelDallas said...

This is a HOOT (and I'm stealing it!)




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