Monday, May 18, 2009

Played with the dogs at dusk

This is my second attempt to publish to my blog from my WinJournal Software. I thought this software would be good when:

1. I am traveling with my laptop and don't have access to the Internet. I can make entries and then add them to my blog when I return.

2. I am working on the novel. I thought it might help me to stay organized, since WinJournal has features that Word doesn't have.


Boston Terriers have a LOT of energy. I went outside with them at dusk to throw one of their favorite toys for a game of fetch. It is a blue ring. Sweet Pea does not drool, but Buddha does. He always brings his toys to you all slimy. Between the slippery toy and my poor throwing arm, they weren't getting much exercise. Then I got an idea to use a wooden stick. I put the ring over the tip of the stick and I threw the ring by slinging the stick. I played with them until it was too dark for them to find the toy anymore.

I have been working with the novel by integrating parts of it into my journaling software as entries. So far I am enjoying the process. For some reason it is more inviting to write on the software than it is to use Word. I can then save my entries to Word.

5/18/2009 10:03 PM

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