Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today it rained.

  • Yesterday...
  • I tore small pieces off my spinach pie and fed them to the dogs with my fingers. Each time, Sweet Pea gobbled hers down immediately. Buddha always smelled his first.
  • I reread Hamlet and remembered why I love it. I am Hamlet. I am Hamlet. I am Hamlet.
  • I sent back Season 3 disc 3 of The Sopranos (to Netflix).
  • I made my reservation for a room at Hotel De Anza in San Jose.
  • I took a bath early in the morning. I had not been to bed yet. The insects were loud outside the bathroom window. Once in a while, I heard a car on the highway.
  • Today...
  • My son Allen called today. We had a good talk. He wanted to know if I liked the CDs he let me borrow.
  • It rained, so I couldn't ride my new bike after work.
  • A young man came up to me after literature class and wondered if the detail about the torches storming the castle was in Hamlet. I said, "No, that's in Macbeth." He said, "Then Macbeth is my favorite play."

1 comment:

Jim Matthews said...

I've always enjoyed when Hamlet is a student's favorite author.



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