Friday, July 27, 2007

Cool Me Off!

This video, in part, is about how two middle aged people cope with a couple of active Boston Terriers. I love watching animals, and it's good to see Buddha and Sweet Pea so happy and healthy. The video is also about loving to see our animals on top of their game and enjoying them while we can. We lost a cat in the Spring. He was old and one day he just disappeared. I knew. I told Allen if he found any trace of him I wanted to know. Yesterday, he found a cat's skull in the field, and I feel sure it's Bubba's.

When you're an author and you have animals, those animals inevitably find their way into your work. Bubba was in one of my short stories that was published in THE SUN. We got him from the animal shelter in 1999, and he was old then. He was declawed, and yet among our cats he was King of the Road, Top Cat. He would try to knead his claws, still. It was sort of heartbreaking to watch that. It was the crippled nature of his paws that drew me to Bubba as a story element. His amputation matched the protagonist's amputated spirit.

I miss him.

Later today Allen and I are going to Toledo to see the movie RESCUE DAWN. It's directed by Werner Herzog. I like his work. We'll try to catch the early show. Until then, I'm going to work on a short story. The story has been sitting a few days, long enough that I can see how to shape it better.


Erin said...

Theresa--I LOVE this video! My favorite part was watching Buddha drink. I like how he first found a cozy spot right inside the water bowl, and then lapped away. Sometimes at the end of a long walk, Phoebe the dog will stick her snout in her water bowl and splash water up and on to her face and neck. She'll do that over and over to cool herself off (and get the kitchen floor all wet in the process!).

I was sorry to hear about your cat. :(

Cynthia said...

I adore this. My favorite part was Erin's as well. I'm still smiling. I'm sorry to hear about Bubba. You do just know these things.

Kathy said...

Wouldn't it be great to just jump into a big bowl of what makes us feel good and lap it up so joyously! What cuties your dogs are.

Virginia said...

That was wonderful!

Peace, Virginia

laura said...

I have always loved the smile of a happy Boston Terrier... and the wriggling, joyous bodies in this video were simply a delight. Thanks for sharing!

some chick said...

I love the whole water bowl thing and I have never seen dogs play teether ball....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. Buddha and Sweet Pea are adorable! Teagrapple

am said...

Sorry to hear about Bubba.

What a pair of lovable dogs!

Judith HeartSong said...

They make our lives so much better, joy in all the little things.

Nelle said...

I enjoyed this video so much! My Mom has a Boston and so does my brother and his wife who live next door. The two of them play daily and wrestle with each other. They are Lucy and Jake. They can entertain for hours. That ball looked like great fun. I am an animal lover with a Sheltie and a cat. Our cat is declawed in the front and still rubs his claws on chairs. He is very vocal and demanding and just keeps us laughing. Animals add so much love and joy. Sorry for the loss of your cat. May the memories of him fill your heart and bring you comfort.



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