Saturday, July 21, 2007


How wonderful it is to be recognized by one's peers. Judi Heartsong has bestowed the "Inspirational Blogger Award" on this blog. These awards originate from Writer's Reviews . The idea is that now I get to recommend five blogs for this award. The bloggers I name may also recommend five bloggers each, if they wish.

Here are my recommendations:

See How We Almost Fly by Alison Luterman. I met Alison in 2005 at Esalen in Big Sur, California. We both taught workshops. Alison is an award winning poet and playwright. At her blog, you can get a good idea of the ups and downs of the writing life. Her blog is inspiring because it shows her endurance.

Schizophrenia: A Carer's Journal by Mike is a frank portrayal of the difficulty of having a son with schizophrenia. I especially appreciate Mike's honesty about the emotions involved, as well as the difficulties of dealing with "the system." Mike's blog is inspiring because it shows genuine hope in the face of so much heartache and trouble.

Talking to Myself by Judi. Such wonderful humor; she shows us now not to take life so seriously. But her blog is a good balance between humor and seriousness. This blog is an exceptionally good read. Judi's family has recently experienced a tragedy, so if you've not been there in a while, be sure to do so and wish her well. Judi's blog is inspiring because she has so much life and loves being her age (57).

In a Dark Time by Loren Webster. The title is taken from one of Theodore Roethke's poems. Loren explores poetry, history, and photography, among many other things. Here you can get criticism on poets you may have never heard of or a history lesson about the Indian Wars! Loren's blog is inspiring because he's retired from teaching but not from learning, not from life.

Erin's Everyday Thoughts. Erin is a student of mine from the late nineties at BGSU. It does happen sometimes that students become your friends. I'm lucky to count Erin among my small number of genuine friends. Erin's blog is inspiring because she shows how she tries to juggle her career with her writing aspirations.

Thank you Judi Heartsong for recognizing my blog.


Judith HeartSong said...

Yea!!! And you KNOW I think you are marvelous!!!!

Mike said...

Thank you Theresa. You are very kind.


emmapeelDallas said...

Congratulations Theresa! You are truly deserving of this award and recognition. I always look forward to reading what you've written and more recently, I've also enjoyed watching your terrific videos. Judi Heartsong is right; you inspire your readers to more, always.

I also want to thank you, first for your thoughtful comments on the loss of my great-niece Hailey. I had a long talk with my brother Dave last night, and both he and I very much appreciated and were comforted by your kind words.

Thank you, too, for recommending my blog. I am especially honored to be recommended by you, Theresa, because I admire your talents, both as a writer and as a teacher. I look forward to reading each of the others that you recommended. All of them are new to me except for Erin, whom I've been reading and enjoying for some time now.

Thanks again.


Erin said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(And ESPECIALLY thank you for sharing your blog with all of us!)



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