Sunday, July 22, 2007

Theresa's Top 25

Ever since I got iTunes and my iPod, I've been quite obsessive about keeping up with the number of times I play my songs or poems. I saved my top 25 list last year because I wanted to compare that list with this year's. Here are my top 25 for July 2007. I think a person's playlist says a lot about how she thinks and changes (or how her needs change). It's like a mini-biography of that person.

*I currently have 5019 songs or poems in my music library.

This year's Poems (red)
The top songs/poems for 2006 are in blue.

1. Mad World / Michael Andrews (from the movie Donnie Darko)
1. Mad World / Michael Andrews (from the movie Donnie Darko)
2. Once I Was / Tim Buckley
2. Epistle to be Left in the Earth / Archibald Macleish
3. Paradise / Bruce Springsteen
3. Something in the Way / Nirvana
4. In a Sentimental Mood / John Coltrane
4. Ghosts in the Maze / Richard Thompson (from the movie Grizzly Man)
5. The Earth is Broken / Tim Buckley
5. Devils and Dust / Bruce Springsteen
6. Epistle to be Left in the Earth / Archibald MacLeish
6. What to Do (poem) / Hayden Carruth
7. Pleasant Street / Tim Buckley
7. Mad World (shorter version) / Michael Andrews (from the movie Donnie Darko)
8. Phantasmagoria in Two / Tim Buckley
8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Elton John
9. Ghosts in the Maze / Richard Thompson (from the movie Grizzly Man)
9. Ecstasy (poem) / Hayden Carruth
10. The River of Bees / W. S. Merwin
10. Layla / Eric Clapton
11. The Prayer Cycle: Movement I-Mercy / Jonathan Elias
11. Horn / Nick Drake
12. The Waking / Theodore Roethke
12. Know / Nick Drake
13. Jezebel / Iron and Wine
13. Goodbye Blue Sky / Pink Floyd
14. The First Cut is the Deepest / Cat Stevens
14. The River of Bees (poem) / W. S. Merwin
15. Know / Nick Drake
15. How Many Nights (poem) / Galway Kinnell
16. Something in the Way / Nirvana
16. Fruit Tree / Nick Drake
17. Apology / Richard Wilbur
17. Once I Was / Tim Buckley
18. Take Me to the River / Al Green
18. Wanted Dead or Alive / Chris Daughtry
19. Starwalker / Buffy Sainte-Marie
19. At the Ancient Pond (poem) / Davis Daniel
20. Dream Song 4 / John Berryman
20. Good Riddance / Green Day
21. If You Could Read My Mind / Johnny Cash
21. The Last Poem in the World (poem) / Hayden Carruth
22. Fruit Tree / Nick Drake
22. Somewhere Over the Rainbow / Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
23. And It Stoned Me / Van Morrison
23. The Tangent Universe / Michael Andrews (from the movie Donnie Darko)
24. Maybe There's a World / Yusuf (Cat Stevens)
24. Black Eyed Dog / Nick Drake
25. Love's Been Good to Me / Johnny Cash
25. One Perfect Rose (poem) / Dorothy Parker


Erin said...

I enjoyed seeing this list! Does your iPod keep track of this somehow? I'd love to keep track of mine. :-)

Theresa Williams said...

Erin, iTunes keeps up with that information for you: that is the software that you load onto your computer. It keeps track of the # of times you play the song on your computer AND on your iPod. It's just so cool.

am said...

I've listened to those songs by Tim Buckley again and again, too, after having heard him sing them in San Francisco in the late 60s. Jeff Buckley's version of Leonard Cohen's song, "Hallelujah," has a similar effect on me. Astounding voices and lyrics. Poetry.

Erin said...

Very cool! I'll have to check this out in my iTunes!

Jim Matthews said...

"Something in the Way" has always been my favorite Nirvana song. Always.

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