Monday, May 08, 2006

Taking a Break from the Internet

Allen holds a baby raccoon he found under the lawnmower in the barn. It has since been returned to its mother and is safe from our cats and dog, domesticated but wild creatures that love to tear apart baby creatures like this. In the background sits Blue Girl. Allen's been getting the boat ready for a new summer of adventure. (Not anything long and involved like last year, though.)

Spring. It's time to reconnect with the earth and the living things of the earth. Everywhere around us are birds and baby animals.

For the next week, or two, or three, I'll be taking a break from the Internet. It's time for me to be outside a bit and remember that I'm an animal, too. And it's time for me to get into my dreamworld, my writing zone. The Internet can be addictive; I need to break some old routines.

Classes are officially over today (I turned in my last set of final grades), and now I need to turn my attention to my creative life. First, I need to organize my work space. I need to organize my writing room, as well as the main rooms of the house just outside my writing room door. I'm taking over a total of 3 rooms to accommodate what I need to get accomplished this summer: a serious first draft of my next book. I have many books related to my topic, notes, note cards, and rough drafts that need to be situated. I also need to organize my computer files.

I will be getting another computer in the next few days, and I'll need to take some time getting it ready. Two years ago, I got a new Dell laptop and retired my 10 year old IBM. I'm happy with the Dell. I got the smallest laptop they had at the time, and I never expected it to take the place of a full-sized desktop unit. The screen and keyboard are tiny. Long hours of hunching over this little device take a toll on the back and neck muscles. I'd wanted the laptop because I wanted to experiment with making my writing experience more mobile, less tied to one place, but I don't disconnect the laptop from the Internet, mouse, and printer very much. The last time, in fact, was when I took the laptop on my Ohio River Journey. When I get the desktop unit, my little Dell can truly go with me anywhere, and I'm looking forward to that.

I've been using the laptop as my only computer because I couldn't yet afford the computer I wanted: a super-fast dual core Dell I can use to edit digital movies, and store all my photos and music.

I can afford the computer now; rather the money now sits in the bank and that's how we choose to spend it.

So you won't be seeing much of me for the next few days. I'll be settling into my writing zone so I can get some creative work done!



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